Dental Cleanings
& Exams

give your beautiful smile a lifetime of health.

Professional dental cleanings serve a very important purpose because they are done by trained professionals using professional equipment. These bi-annual cleanings & exams allows you a foundation of oral health records for your overall well-being. Dental cleanings help prevent periodontal disease, tarter build up, tooth decay, and provide many other health benefits too.
Cleanings and Exams

prevent gum disease

dental visits allow a periodontal check up to mitigate any potential issues. Remember, many adults have some for of periodontal disease. It’s best to manage this and ensure your health with bi-annual checkups.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Ensure a Bright Smile

We’ve cleaned a few teeth in our day and know how to get the most of them. Dental cleanings offer a much more thorough cleaning of your teeth using professional equipment and techniques. Allow us to keep your smile bright with a cleaning!


Oral Cancer Screens

Did you know oral cancer is 90% curable if caught early? Did you also know that oral cancer screenings take about 5 minutes and entirely pain free. It’s better to be sure, so the next time you’re at the dentist be sure to bring it up!


Leading You to Better ORAL Health



  • Give the Doctor an inside view of your mouth’s health
  • Provides an additional indicator for decay, tumors, cysts, and infections in your mouth
  • Detection of problem areas early before they worsen and become painful as well as extremely dangerous.

One should have x-rays done on an annual basis as these images provide an inside view of your jaw and teeth. Not all dental issues are visible to the naked eye. Problem areas that are notable to be seen are things like tumors, cysts under your teeth, tooth decay that occurs between two touching teeth, and the location of incoming or developing teeth.


ADA’s 6-Month RUle

  • Consistent oral health record
  • Evaluation of teeth decay & tarter build-up
  • Provide Oral cancer screenings
  • Exposing problems early to ensure health and prevent painful infections

If it’s been longer than 6 months since you’ve seen a dentist, we encourage you to contact our Sarasota, FL office for a dental cleaning.



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