restore your smile to it’s original excellence.

Dental Implants are a very effective and long-term solution for tooth loss. Implants are achieved by a titanium root which is painlessly placed into your jawbone. Implants are them attached to an abutment which a crown is placed to restore your smile.


Cleanings and Exams

health & Appearance

Dental implants are individualized restorations which also can be used to hold a denture or bridge in it’s place. Implants make it possible for patients to take good care of their teeth more effectively by allowing easier brushing and flossing. Furthermore, dental implants restore a once beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improved Function

Not having all of your teeth can create a biting and chewing predicament. Dental implants are extremely strong and can be permanent. Implants displace biting and chewing forces to the jawbone which provides a very stable platform for years. Having full function of one’s mouth is important to many patients, especially the patients who have been unhappy with dentures or bridges.


Fast & Effective

Permanent and minor in maintenance, dental implants give patients ease of mind. You do not have to worry about them falling like dentures. Furthermore, there is no need to dealing with messy denture adhesives or worry about a restoration falling out while in a public situation—a very consistent complaint of people with dentures. Dental Implants are quick, relatively painless, and can last a lifetime!


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